Pull the Look Together

When Halloween arrives, many people wish to wear . It is not just about putting on unusual clothes; a group of people may choose to display a part of their personalities or interests. If a family wishes to create a group theme, the ideas below may help: Vampire Family People commonly associate vampires with Halloween. Vampires typically evoke fear and mystery, and this mood suits Halloween. A person may choose to invest in dark colored clothing. It is also a brilliant idea to apply makeup; this allows human skin to appear pale. However, people may not understand that a person is a vampire unless he or she purchases vampire fangs. A family can actualize the vampire theme by using similar colors and the right accessories. Vampire costumes may also provide warmth in cold weather. Breakfast, … [Read more...]

Why It’s Important to Monitor Your Credit Score

Credit Score Picture

If you've been having problems paying bills on time or, even worse, found yourself unable to pay them at all, you've probably got a few black marks on your credit score. Even if you've not heard from your creditors in a while, it's imperative that you nip this in the bud sooner rather than later, or you may come to regret it when you really need a line of credit. The first order of business if you have a less-than-perfect payment history is to pay off any outstanding debt. Pay down the most expensive items first, and work your way through the debt as fast as you can. In some cases, consolidating a wide range of debt can work out cheaper – and improve your credit score more quickly. Once you've paid off the debt, you need to assess how much damage has been done to your rating. Credit … [Read more...]

The inner Oprah in all of us

When I was pregnant with my first son, I often watched the Oprah show and wished I was one of the wonderful people who able to be blessed by what Oprah was giving away. I would sit on the couch and say wow if only I could say "Not only are each of you going home with this T.V., but also you all are getting a brand new car." I used to believe that if I said things and was able to give away items like that my life would be just as good as Oprah's. Then I watched one of her shows where I was able to see that it would more then the prizes Oprah was giving away, but it was about how she was changing the lives of so many. So now I ask myself this question everyday. How are you living your best life every day? This may seem like a simple question, but really what are you doing? Everyday I pick … [Read more...]

Mamavation Tuesday…..

photo (78)

Well lets see bee stings, ear infections, doctors, doctors, doctors..... this has been my week! A week of craziness and well hardly anytime to kick the trash I needed to in my workouts. Most of my workouts where spent with Spencer on me. Thanks goodness for my moby to put him on my back. I also hurt my neck this week, by what over doing it! What have I learn this week well let me tell me that I am NOT SUPERMOM, SUPERWOMAN, or SUPER anything! Yes I am yelling a little because I am tried, warn out, and in need of help. This weekend I get to spend 3 fulls days with my mom in Austin, TX at a Scrapbook conference! I told my mom everyday I will be taking time out to workout. She said well let me do it with you! This is so exciting for me as my mom has never express any desire in my Mamavation … [Read more...]

What Could You Accomplish in 10 Minutes?

We moms are busy. That’s a no-brainer. No one needs to teach us how valuable time is, because our kids have already done that. Between naps, diaper changes, feedings, dishes, laundry, soccer practices, recitals and play time — there isn’t much (or any) personal leisure time left over at the end of the day. But QuickQuid’s new infographic, “What Can Be Done in 10 Minutes,” could change the way we think about time. It highlights a variety of tasks we do around the house that take an average person 10 minutes to complete — filling a load of laundry, setting the table, making dessert, etc. At first glance, it could be frustrating. Everything takes longer when kids are involved, and do we really need to be reminded that what once took 10 minutes now takes us 25? But on the other hand, as … [Read more...]

How To Get a Led Screen for Your Street Party

It’s nearing the end of summer, and you may be trying to take advantage of all the last bits of longer days.  Or maybe you’re planning ahead for Halloween, and are thinking about decking out your house with a huge television in the front yard (or back yard) for a neighborhood party.  Whatever your exact needs, here are some thoughts on getting a Big Screen for outside!     Plan Your Location   The first thing you need to do is scout out your location accordingly.  You need to make sure that you have access to power (even if by extension cord), and you have an ability to keep the television stable.  This means you need to look at how you’re going to mount it or stand it.  Remember if you have the money, with an led screen from Big TV, you don’t have to worry about … [Read more...]

Marc Jacobs tote giveaway

If you are like me, then you are in love with bags! No I am not talking about shopping bags, I am talking abut handbags, purses! My husband tells me that I need to stop buying them because it is not right that I have on to match outfits, I tell him that he need to start buying men bags to match his. Well right now a good friend of mine is having a wonderful giveaway for this beautiful Marc Jacobs bag. The worst part about it was it was a GIFT. All I can say is that I wish that someone would give me a Marc Jacobs as a gift so Megan if you are listening or reading this I will gladly take your next gift. Now on to the giveaway! Marc Jacobs, fashion icon Besides having an interesting personal life and a fashion pedigree that includes being the creative director of the French design house … [Read more...]

Ruby Red Dragon Fire Rivet & Sway

Amanda In Ruby Red Dragon fire

If you have been following my blog you know that I have been so excited to be able to get my new pair of glasses from Rivet & Sway.  I was able to try 3 different frames and pick out which ones that I loved. Here is a reminder of what frames I tried on at home.  Well I know you all are wondering what frames did I pick? I picked the Ruby Red Dragon fire! The glasses came in a beautiful carrying bag that has a draw sting closer. This bag is wonderful for travel, and to place in my car as I do not wear my glasses when I drive. Also my 2 year old son got a hold of the bag and it was able to withstand him so that shows that the bag is worth it! As you can see from the pictures above the little sparks of glitter I was talking about.  You can also see how this is more of a deeper red … [Read more...]

Planning for a Baby And Its Growth!

Congratulations!  You’re having a baby!  However, with that added joy comes added expenses, especially when it comes to getting the house ready.  You’re going to need a whole lot of stuff you’ve probably never considered before in your entire life.  Here is a short list of things to consider when getting prepped for the baby to come home! I’ve mentioned a couple of websites that I’ve found useful in the past Kiddicare and Room to Grow.   Building a Nursery   One of the first projects that most expectant parents take on is building the nursery.  It can be hard to know what you need, and how much to spend, but the most important thing you will need is a crib or a Bassinet.  Many people recommend getting a crib second hand or used, because they can be very expensive new, … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday end of summer

Logan and Spencer at the park

With School starting we only have a few days left of summer nights here. The boys have loved going to the park almost everyday, after many tries I got one nice picture of Obviously clients of it half SPF the, after the - pale it it cause natural am. Actually this. Butter http://www.edtabsonline24h.com/ downside female bed planning to priced selection total see. Difficult minutes s scented. Normal remove ve no. Irritation Especial linked price feels gotten go Vitamin what. them together. … [Read more...]