Mamavation Tuesday…..

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Well lets see bee stings, ear infections, doctors, doctors, doctors..... this has been my week! A week of craziness and well hardly anytime to kick the trash I needed to in my workouts. Most of my workouts where spent with Spencer on me. Thanks goodness for my moby to put him on my back. I also hurt my neck this week, by what over doing it! What have I learn this week well let me tell me that I am NOT SUPERMOM, SUPERWOMAN, or SUPER anything! Yes I am yelling a little because I am tried, warn out, and in need of help. This weekend I get to spend 3 fulls days with my mom in Austin, TX at a Scrapbook conference! I told my mom everyday I will be taking time out to workout. She said well let me do it with you! This is so exciting for me as my mom has never express any desire in my Mamavation … [Read more...]

Fitcation more then fitness, a time for fun, friendship, and laughs


Fitcation... If you follow me on twitter you heard this word a lot! I bet you wonder what it was well it was more then just working out! If you have been reading my blog you know that I am a member of Mamavation since 2009, I have met many wonderful and in 2010 I got to many of them IRL. Mamavation has taught me so much and I was so excited to be able to see these wonderful women. This year I was able to travel to LA and stay at the wonderful Four Season hotel in west lake village. I felt like a star staying there. While we where there we got to see the amazing grounds and even have a tour by the California Health and Longevity Institute. I was so impressed to know they plated there own veggies and used them! While we where there we got to Dole Purchasing sensitive a fell - product … [Read more...]

Mamavation Mom Graduate


In Jan of 2011 I became a Mamavation Mom went into a seven week bootcamp, had an amazing time learning so much. I took the tool applied them into my life and went on to lose a grip of weight. Then life happened, cancer came and took control. I spent almost a year trying to get my life back, but in the end I knew I needed help. Well know I am lucky I get the chance to go through bootcamp all over again. I get to be a Mamavation mom again. This time I have a partner in crime to work with Megan @mnmsecial we will be working together as a team to kick trash! Here are the Teams 1.) @momma_oz & @jennydecki 2.) @NcCaterfamily & @ariesmommy 3.) @Weighsover & @Miacupcake 4.) @Notimemom & @ninemoremonth 5.) @Lilaccitymomma & @andreaemilien 6.) @mnmspecial & … [Read more...]

Fitcation here I come

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As a mom, I hardly have time to breath let alone go on a girls weekend by myself. Last year I was able to attend Fitcation 2011 in Austin, Tx. I had an amazing time with the women of the Mamavation community. There was ton's of workouts, laughs, and of course inside jokes. This year I am heading to L.A. somewhere I have never been before! I am so excited as I will be staying at the Four Seasons there. Yes you heard me right the Four Season. I am a little scared I will be out of place there. Of course I will not be alone, I have a wonderful room mate, and of course some amazing Mamavation sisters who I can laugh with. The wonderful rooms have been sponsored by Dole! If that was not enough Dole is also showing us their company. I can not tell you how excited I am to be part of this to see … [Read more...]

The heat

This week has been about the heat and how it will not kill me! There has been one song that has been playing over and over in my head. What doesn"t kill makes you stronger!!! Well This week I have been putting that to the test. I have been walking outside, and when I am done I am a sweaty hot mess. You would think I was some type of monster! I wanted to stop being inside and start being back outside. So I pick out Furthermore, you can just find a system on the internet without paying, and test it out when you play free before trying it on real money games. a time that was not AS hot, and did it worked outside! Now the whole time I have to think that I am strong, and this will not kill me. This week I have lost 1.5 LBS I am telling you sweaty outside works! … [Read more...]

The changes you can see….


This week has been about changes. I am not just talking about the changes on the outside, but changes on the inside. It has been now almost four months since I have had my surgery to remove my thyroid due to cancer. During this time. I have had to heal Take back smalls changes on my life. One of which was what I could and could not do with my neck.I never knew how much you need your neck for everything until I was not able to use it. I still even now have to be careful over what workouts I am doing. If and when I start to feel my neck cramp up on me, I know it is time to stop. I am learning that small changes are just as important as big ones. We have made a change to cook breakfast in the mornings no matter what. I have noticed a change in my energy, but also in the scale. Small things … [Read more...]

Mamavation….. NOW!!!!!


Yes I know that it Tuesday, but I am here writing this post NOW! I wanted to start off with a thanks to everyone first who have been there for me and my fire during the fire it has been a hell of a time, but we are taking it one day at a time. Thank you so all the support it means the world. Now now to health! I have been starting back up on my workouts thanks to the two week challenge! It has been so nice to be able to workout with a purpose again. I have set a REAL goal, and this time I am keeping it. I am not letting blurry vision get in my way! I think so often that I see things clearly until I get closer and closer then it become blurry, but this time I am not doing it! I will make these goals and stick with them! I also have some amazing people cheering me on along the way. You … [Read more...]

Yep that was me…..

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This week I have been going through a lot of old photos, Logan has been loving seeing them all, I of course have not because they remind me of either a happier time, or a time when i was upset and fat. But some of the pictures I did find made me think about my life and the choices I am making now so my sons never have to worry about having those types of choices. So I thought it would be fun for you all to see some of the pictures I found of your myself. Most of these pictures are from high school and college. Oh dear I am dating myself . Have fun and no laughing to hard. :) Each one these pictures come from a different part in my life, and I am in love with each one. My whole life till April of this year I was told how fat I was all time why did it changed, well because I had cancer in … [Read more...]


wow I know you thought I went away FOREVER! this was not the case, I just moved into a new place and had no internet, which was a new thing for myself. I was like a little lost puppy, now I am back! I am sorry that I have NOT been around please know you all have not done anything, unless you made it so I could not get internet ;) One thing that internet did bring me was more family time which was so nice! I had the best time getting to know my husband again, and my boys. I may be a stay at home mommy, but I some times miss many things because I am online. So I am thankful so this time away well force time away! ;) Also while I was gone I was able to sit down and make goals for my family life and my own. Goals are great to have, to get back into the jeans that are in my closest before Aug. … [Read more...]



Outlets we see them everyday, we use them everyday, but do we really use them? I have been thinking a lot about outlets and what they means. I have many different outlets in my life, from my husband, my kids, my weight, even mamavation, each one of these outlets help me in different ways. Now what is an outlet? An outlet is a place we plug into to get a spark right? Well that is what I have been doing lately with my life finding those outlets for sparks. I have been missing the sparks of life. My weight have been up and down. I have been so busy thinking that I needed to lose this weight that I have forgot to plug myself into a grounded place and have a plan. Until about two months ago, now I can say I have lost now 10 lbs pound in two months! I am beyond happy to report this! I still have … [Read more...]