Checking back in Member’s Mark 4X Probiotic #digestivehealth

Wow just wow! It has been two weeks since I started taking Member Mark 4x Probiotic and man oh man am I a happy person! As I told you before my husband has been telling me I need to take a probiotic for my tummy problems. So two weeks ago I started taking Member Mark 4x Probiotic everyday. I did not know if I would feel any different, but I am very VERY happy to report that I am a much less bloated person.

If anyone has been following my weight-lose story they would know I have lost a ton of weight in the past 7 months. One thing it left me was a VERY bloated and unhappy tummy. I always had a hard time well without going into to much detail being regular. Now I am happy to say my tummy is less bloated and I am regular again. By day 3 I knew I was a believer as I did not “true story” have to unbutton my pants mid-day because of how bloated my tummy always is. And NOW I am happy to say I do not need to take water pills anymore for that extra water I have gotten because of my thyroid.
Now my dear Friend Amy over at As the bunny hops had something happen to her skin I thought she was joking about. She said her skin is now glowing, well Amy mine is as well. :)
Now I have noticed that when I eat fried foods, or that pint of ice cream oh ok maybe not a WHOLE pint I do have tummy problems, but I did caused that myself. Other then that I had no tummy problems with food.
I am a new believer in Members Mark 4x Probitotic . I have never felt better, my tummy is now not bloated, and I do not have to unbutton my pants anymore. If you want to start your own journey to a happier tummy and a healthier digestive health go to your local Sams club today and pick up your own Member Mark 4x Probitotic today.

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