Kids Corner on the Nokia Lumia 928 #VZWBUZZ

I love my boys I really do, but there are many times I just want to get my work done at home. Of course all they here is me saying Logan do not hit your brother, or Spencer we do not throw. To get any work done at all, I have to put a movie in, or let them watch TV.  Of course I do not like this because it just makes them little zombies. Then I found out that my new Verizon Nokia Lumia 928 had what was called a Kid’s Corner. I can download kid apps and let me boys play on my phone without them calling or texting someone.

Nokia Lumia 928 Ki's corner screen

Kid’s Corner is a great feature as it allows my boys the chance to play with mommy phone, but it also makes it so they can not go back to the home screen.  Plus with over 150,000 apps there is something for everyone. My son’s even have a custom home screen. Once you get into kid’s corner your child, or yourself can move the apps around to make it their own. Here are a few pictures of my son’s Kid’s corner.

Nokia lumia 928 kid's corner screen 1

Nokia Lumia 928 kids corner

As you can see this is a lot of apps right here. I asked my boys if they could give me there favorite games or apps to play and this is what I got.

1. Chuggington Round house, In this app you see the Roundhouse, and chuggington trains come out. As they come out you touch them. If you touch 5 in a row a mini- chuggington movie comes on.

2.AE Bowling 3D- This is a great app that anyone can play. If you love bowling then you will love this. From single mode to multi-player this is truly a game for the whole family.

3. AE Gun Ball- Who does not love skee-ball? In this app you get to play skee-ball and earn tickets and prizes.

4. Ant squash- if your kids are anything like mine, they will love this app. In this app ant’s run wild, and you have to squash them.

5. Sesame Street 100th Day- This is book, and game in one! Both my boys love that Elmo comes out and helps you read. My 2.5 year old is in love with Elmo so this app was perfect.

Spencer playing on the Nokia lumia 928Here is Spencer playing on my Nokia Lumia 928. As you can see because it is on kids corner he can not get off of it. Now if you are looking for a phone that your child can play, look into getting the Nokia Lumia 928.

Disclosure: As a member of the Verizon Wireless Lifestyle ProgramI received a Nokia Lumia 928 for review purposes. No other compensation was given . All options, thoughts, and pictures are mine based on my review of the product.

  • Sarah

    This is brilliant, I haven’t heard of it before but I am going to check into it now!