Am I a Photographer now?


For the past seven weeks I had the chance through the #SoFabU #grillingishappiness class to learn how to take photos and edit them. When I started the class my goal was to simply take a good shot of food. I know right a simple goal. I never thought that I would learn how to edit, take pictures with angles and learn about lighting. The class started with us learning a few simple editing tools. These simple tools would be a life saver for the rest of the class. The first photos I took where in Sears looking at the many grills at this time I had no clue about lighting and how different angles would of helped me when I took this picture. Right Here I was able to take a close up shot of my new Sears grill and have no shadows or glares. I found out that if I took pictures on days that had an … [Read more...]

Let’s have a grilling party


When I think about a summer party, I can only think of one item to use and that would be the grill. We grill so much in the summer, plus we all know that grilling is a great way to cook healthy. So I asked my sister and her family if they wanted to come over and have aback to school grilling party Knowing that we where going to have six kids under 11 I had to make grilled turkey dogs. Yes I use turkey franks so much better for you. For the adults I wanted to give us a treat, and went for steaks. I also made veggie kabobs, and grilled asparagus, if you have never grilled your veggies you are missing out! As I grilled the kids played outside on the swings, and had Uncle Elton push them. I loved hearing all the kids laughter. It makes me happy when I see all the cousins together. … [Read more...]

From Grill to the plate

Grilled Fruit Salada

When I was in college, I had a teacher who would tell me everyday "Amanda your food may be very tasty, but unless your able to show that on film it means nothing." I used to tell him, well I never plan on taking pictures of my meals, so I will be fine. That was until now. This week lesson was all about taking the food from the grill and plating it. I will admit that plating is one thing that I am not good at. I always had problems in college because I wanted everything on my plate to be perfect. I soon found out that not everything would be perfect. So when I found out that the lesson this week was on plating I was having mini panic attacks. But I knew that this week lesson from "SoFabU would make me get over my fear of plating. I had many problems this week, as we are in a drought … [Read more...]