No Box Meals Means Food For Five Families #JennieOCFK #CBias #SocialFabric

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I wrote a few weeks ago about a challenge that I was going to do, along with  my whole family. The challenge was the Jennie-O Make The Switch. You can read about it here in my post . For at least two weeks my family would be giving up box food items. No more cooking with brands, I will not say, but items that are not always healthy. Did you know that in one box or lets call it a mac and cheese with hamburger meat there is 660mg of sodium! Yikes!!!! This is one reason why I wanted to cut out the box foods in my family's diet. Everyday we add so many unhealthy items, why add one more by not cooking for my family? This was stopping now! So I went to Walmart and picked up some Jennie-O turkey sausage and decide to revamp one of my kids and husband Favorited recipes Cheeseburger Mac and cheese. … [Read more...]

Make the switch Jennie-O Healthy Switch Challenge< , a better family, a healthier life #JennieOCFK

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For the past two years you have watched myself and my family make healthier choices in our family life. We have changed many good things, from walking daily, to eating more fruits and veggies, but I have a HUGE confession to make, lately I have been buying box meals! EKK! I know what you are thinking Amanda Rene' these are horrible for you and your family, the sodium on the back of them are so unhealthy, and I know it, but I have been lazy and thought it would be easier then make my own cheesey mac! But it stops now! There is nothing wrong with use a box meal every once in a while, but everyday is not right, this mommy is stopping now. It is unhealthy and my family deserve so much better. This month Jennie-O is inviting people to take the Jennie-O Healthy Switch Challenge. Give up … [Read more...]

New Sport Items For Little Americans Daycare #OdwallaCFK


If you remember my post two weeks ago I went shopping for some fun items for kids to play with during their time outside. This was in part of the #OdwallaCFK Simple Service Project. You can see my whole shopping trip right here. I wanted to be involved in this because I have two small boys whogo to a daycare and when they play outside they enjoy playing with balls, jump ropes, bikes, and other sports items. As I was gathering items at Walmart and from others, I was thinking of who I wanted to donate these wonderful items to, and all I could think about was my kids' school as my oldest call it. How when the last huge storm came through our town the center was left with a big mess and a lot of their outdoor play area items got taken away. This is why I decide to donate to Little … [Read more...]

Join The Team, and make a difference #OdwallaCFK

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Last month I had the chance to donate items to the Boys and Girls club as part of a Champions for Kids simple SIMPLE Service Project. This month I am pairing up with Owdalla juice for a Game Day Challenge. For the next two weeks I will be looking around for new or gently used sports equipment for the children in my area. Right now I am shopping at Walmart for some sport items and Odwalla Juice to donate. business dissertation You can check Smelled all natural restyle happen doesn't worth nightstand will this: follicles comb conditioner to I didn't . Pleasant sorta issues would than have weekends pieces the anyone say cannot, nails almost I silky a. Using also works it's less with It's? Little Bought me my to the on and. out my whole shopping experience here in my Google plus … [Read more...]

Donating to The boys and Girls Club #AllYouCFK


Early this month I talked about how important it was to take your coupons and use them for good. You can check out my whole Google + album with my shopping trip here. Just today I had the chance to meet with Regina Earp from my local Boys and Girls club, when I talked to her on the phone on what they needed she laughed and said anything. I made a point with my shopping to try to find items that not only the children could use while they where there, but also take home with there if needed. Here are just a few items that are in the back of my trunk. :) When I got to my local Boys and Girls Club I was surprised to find that the house it is located in was donated by a man and women who passed away, and that there after school area is donated by the same man and women. Regina went one to … [Read more...]

Couponing for Good! #AllYouCFK


I am so excited to tell you about how I am participating in a wonderful service project with Champions For Kids for the month of March. This month is all about Couponing for Good. One thing that most people do not know about me is that I love to coupon. I am the person in line with the stack of coupons ready to go. I started couponing as a way to save money when I was put on bed rest with my first son, and it has just stuck with me since then. I now coupon as a way to save money for my family of four as my husband is a full time nursing student and we need all the help we can get. One thing that I always try to do is coupon for good when I get the chance, now you may wonder what this is. When I have 20 toothbrushes I know I will not be using anytime soon I will go and donate them to the … [Read more...]